Armenia’s Yan Girls to perform 8th at Junior Eurovision 2023

Armenia will perform 8th at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice. The running order was revealed at the Junior Eurovision Opening Ceremony took place at Le Negresco, a glamorous hotel in Nice.

The show saw the 16 participants introduced, alongside songs from France’s glittering JESC history, including performances from the last 5 French participants: Angélina (2018), Carla (2019), Valentina (Winner 2020), Enzo (2021), and Lissandro (Winner 2022).

The full running order was confirmed by show producers shortly after the Opening Ceremony:

1. Spain
2. Malta
3. Ukraine
4. Ireland
5. United Kingdom
6. North Macedonia
7. Estonia
8. Armenia
9. Poland
10. Georgia
11. Portugal
12. France
13. Albania
14. Italy
15. Germany
16. Netherlands

Junior Eurovision 2023 takes place in Nice, France on Sunday, 26 November at 16:00 CET. Armenia is represented by Yan Girls – a girl band featuring Nane, Nensi, Kamilla, Syuzana and Aida.

Young, colorful, rebellious and poppy, Yan Girls sing about the importance of staying true to yourself, being confident and doing things the best way – their way. 

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