David Babayan denies reports claiming Azerbaijanis have entered Stepanakert

David Babayan, Adviser to Artsakh President, has denied reports widely spread in social media claiming that Azerbaijanis have entered Stepanakert and are trying to raise a flag in the city.

“The reports are false and are part of information attack. The situation is relatively normal, as it can be in a capital of a besieged country. There are a number of displaced persons. Shots can be hears from the military positions outside Stepanakert,” Babayan said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

He refrained from comments on the meeting in Yevlakh between representatives of Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

“We can give an assessment when there are results. Let’s wait and see what happens,” he said.      

“There is no optimism, only realism,” Babayan added.

He said no one in Artsakh is going to live under Azerbaijani rule. “We’re not going to live in slavery,” Babayan stated.

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