EU must better protect Armenia, including through economic support and visa liberalization, Member of Bundestag says

The European Union must better protect the young democracy in Armenia from its enemies through a strengthened EU mission for security and peace, massive economic support, visa liberalization and deeper political cooperation, Chairman of the German Bundestag’s Committee on Foreign Affairs Michael Roth said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

“We are in solidarity with democratic Armenia,” he said.

Commenting on the latest large-scale aggression of Azerbaijan against Nagorno Karabakh, the lawmaker said: “A bitter conclusion for Armenia and the EU: Azerbaijan relied on the law of the strongest, not on the strength of the law. And it has brutally prevailed. Armenia has been warning of Azerbaijan military action for weeks. We looked the other way and trivialized it.”

“If the EU does not finally recognize its strategic interest in the South Caucasus region, there is a risk of a new war. Russia has abandoned Armenia and wants to coup away the democratic PM Pashinyan. Turkey is keeping its protective hands over the Aliyev regime,” Roth noted.

“On this basis, we cannot cooperate more closely economically with Azerbaijan. We need pressure and a return to the negotiating table with the aim of both states finally recognizing each other’s territorial integrity and refraining from violence,” he stated.

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