No agreement on meeting between Armenian, Azerbaijani FMs for now

At the moment, there is no agreement regarding the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan for now, FM Ararat Mirzoyan said during the Q&A session at the National Assembly.

“At the moment, I can say that there is no agreement regarding any specific meeting. There are preliminary agreements and discussions,” said Mirzoyan.

The Foreign Minister said Baku has responded to the proposals of the Armenian side regarding the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan and forwarded new proposals.

“After our last contacts, the Armenian side conveyed to the Azerbaijani side the fifth interpretations of the treaty on the normalization of relations and establishment of peace. It was our turn to do it and we did it. On September 12, we already received the new proposals from the Azerbaijani side,” he said.

“There is a process, there is a discussion. Of course, there have been no face-to-face negotiations during this period. Unfortunately, I have to say that there are important issues where the positions of the parties are still quite far from each other,” said Mirzoyan.

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