Artsakh National Assembly Speaker’s letter to be handed over to the President of Iranian Parliament

Through the mediation of Iranian-Armenian MPs Ara Shahverdyan and Robert Beglaryan, the letter of the Speaker of Artsakh’s National Assembly Davit Ishkhanyan will be forwarded to the President of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, Tehran-based Alik daily reports.

Last week, Davit Ishkhanyan sent letters to the speakers of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Senate of France, the US Congress, as well as the European Parliament.

Ara Shahverdyan told Alik daily that the use of various tools is very important and all steps should be used tp ensure the protection of the interests of the Artsakh Armenians.

Ara Shahverdyan said they are going to act as a mediator in delivering the letter, which means the speaker of the parliament will receive it directly.

“Despite the condemning calls by various individuals and structures, Baku continues to block the Lachin Corridor, depriving Artsakh of the only vital road connecting it with Armenia. Azerbaijan ignores the requirements of the United Nations, the Security Council, the European Parliament, the ECHR, the UN Court and other international structures, implementing the policy of ethnic cleansing, provocation and threat of force against Artsakh Armenians,” Shahverdyan said, pointing out that 120,000 citizens of Artsakh are deprived of the possibility of free movement and live in disastrous conditions, their fundamental rights are violated, and the messages of the international community d not bring Azerbaijan to a constructive field.

Shahverdyan emphasized that as Iranian-Armenian MPs, they will definitely continue to be consistent in protecting the interests of the population of Artsakh, stressing that as a part of the country’s legislative power, they have repeatedly appealed to government officials, asking them to apply various political and diplomatic measures, pressure mechanisms to curb Azerbaijani provocations and protect the rights of the people of Artsakh.

Ara Shahverdyan emphasized that they will pursue so that Artsakh NA Speaker’s letter receives an appropriate response from the Speaker of the Islamic Parliament.

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