Armenian Parliament discusses draft deal on military-technical cooperation with the Czech Republic

The Armenian National Assembly discussed today the ratification of an agreement on military technical cooperation between Armenia and the Czech Republic.

The Agreement sets forth the directions of cooperation in the military-technical sphere, which include the process of ensuring control over the production of the goods of military importance, import, export, licensing, quality control, training of necessary specialists and technical personnel, providing support to the organizations working in the military-technical sphere, the relations regarding the exchange of information and its storage.

The Deputy Minister of Defense Arman Sargsyan revealed the details of the agreement during the regular sitting of the sixth session of the National Assembly of eighth convocation held on September 11.

According to him, the Ministries of Defense of the Republic of Armenia and the Czech Republic are authorized to implement the provisions of the Agreement.

Arman Sargsyan noted that the draft Agreement has been discussed with relevant state bodies, and has been recognized by the Constitutional Court as complying with the Constitution. He asked the MPS to schedule a vote on the draft at the opportune moment.

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