Armenia establishes visa-free regime with Panama

The Armenian Government has adopted a decision that will allow citizens of the Republic of Panama to visit and stay in the territory of the Republic of Armenia for a maximum of 180 days within a year, without an entry visa.

According to the Government, It will contribute to the development of tourism between Armenia and Panama, and promotion of business ties. The abolition of visa regime is part of the steps taken to develop and strengthen cooperation between the two countries. It also reciprocates the decision of the Republic of Panama to abolish the visa regime for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

Panama has unilaterally removed the visa requirement for about 40 countries, including Armenia. Armenia has an entry visa-free regime with a number of South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, the Uruguay and Ecuador. Diplomatic passport holders can also visit Mexico and Chile.

Work is underway to conclude an agreement with Peru on the abolition of the visa regime for all types of passports. At the same time, relevant measures are being implemented in the direction of signing such agreements with other countries in the region.

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