Armenia, Greece to sign agreement on military technical cooperation

Armenia and Greece will sign an agreement on military-technical cooperation. the Armenian government okayed the proposal at a sitting today.

According to the executive, the high level of Armenia-Greece political dialogue, as well as interaction on bilateral and multilateral platforms, creates favorable grounds for closer and more effective cooperation in the field of defense.

Therefore, Armenia attaches importance to the efforts aimed at expanding and deepening partnership relations, including in the context of the development of relations with NATO member states.

The terms of the agreement define the directions of cooperation between the parties, in particular, the promotion of research of new technologies and military products in order to strengthen the defense capabilities.

The agreement includes important areas of cooperation such as transfer of technology and technical assistance for the production of weapons, ammunition and explosives, exchange of information and experience in the field of ammunition production, research in the field of military goods and their production, establishment of joint organizations for their production, as well as other areas as agreed by the parties.

The agreement provides for provisions on the means of implementing military-technical cooperation, including training of technical personnel, provision of services related to the repair and operation of military goods produced in third countries.

It is planned to create an Armenian-Greek commission, which should carry out an evaluation of the Agreement, present recommendations and priorities for the further development of cooperation, and approve the work schedule.

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