‘Your People Need You’: Protestors march outside Kim Kardashian’s home, urge her to speak up about Artsakh crisis

Armenian-American protestors lined the streets outside of Kim Kardashian‘s Hidden Hills home, blocking the entrance to her private community to demand she use her fame and influence to help resolve an ongoing crisis in the Republic of Artsakh, MSN reports.

According to Traffic News LA, protesters blocked the flow of traffic in both directions to raise awareness for Armenia. Protesters chose this location because Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian family live within this community and as fellow Armenians they want them to use their platform to raise awareness to the growing issues transpiring.

Many were holding up signs urging her to send a message about the dire need for assistance amid Azerbaijan’s blockade affecting the delivery of food and other supplies to starving people also in need of water, gas, and electricity.

“Kim, Speak up for Artsakh,” one sign read. “Kim, Your People Need You,” another stated.

A big rig and a number of other cars were parked on the road alongside the group, which pleaded with Kardashian to speak up for the 120,000 Armenians who are currently dying of genocide through starvation at the hands of Azerbaijanis.

They spent the night outside of Kardashian’s address, noting that she had raised her voice about the Armenian Genocide and her Armenian identity, requesting that she now take a stand to help those in need.

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