People of Artsakh anxiously anticipating the extraordinary session of the UN Security Council – President

The people of the Republic of Artsakh are anxiously anticipating today’s extraordinary session of the UN Security Council as well as the subsequent proceedings and, ultimately, the tangible results, Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan said in a Facebook post.

“This session stands as a litmus test not only for the real positions and behavior of the international community around Artsakh and its specific actors, but also for the legal and moral obligations assumed by the international community in preventing genocides, guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of humans and peoples,” he said.

“Our expectation and demand from the UN Security Council is to restore the unimpeded and two-way movement of people, vehicles and goods through the Lachin Corridor, in accordance with the orders of the International Court of Justice and the Tripartite Statement of November 9, 2020,” Harutyunyan noted.

“After providing a sufficient and favorable environment and international guarantees for the life-activity of our people, we are ready to engage in the international process for comprehensive and fair settlement of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict,” the President said.

“We have repeatedly underscored our position that the settlement of the conflict should be primarily based on the principles of right to self-determination and preventing genocide of the people of Artsakh. Moreover, the people of Artsakh have exercised their right to self-determination without disrupting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Therefore, attempts to contrast the principles of the right to self-determination and territorial integrity hold no relevance,” he concluded.

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