Israeli activists urge President to use his leverage to prevent mass famine in Artsakh

A group of Israeli academics, journalists, intellectuals, and activists have urged Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog to leverage his influence and ties in order to prevent a mass famine that threatens to befall the people of Artsakh.

They expressed deep concern over the severe humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh, which poses an obvious and real threat to 120,000 people.

“The State of Israel maintains close ties with Azerbaijan, a state that is responsible for this crisis and has the ability to resolve it. Those ties oblige the State of Israel to take a clear stand and not to stand idly by,” the signatories wrote, adding that the blocking of the Lachin Corridor by Azerbaijan is a violation of the trilateral statement signed in November 2020 with the mediation of Russia.

The letter states that the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan have improved significantly recently, which is largely due to the significant military support that Israel provides to Azerbaijan, which became a deciding factor in hostilities in the fall of 2020.

“The aid provided by Israel means that we have a special responsibility not to remain bystanders, and it also gives us an important opportunity to have a positive impact. We cannot be silent, especially in the light of our historical and multi-layered connection with the Armenian people. “Like the history of the Jews, the history of the Armenians can testify to the political justifications used to justify inaction and apathy in the face of lives that hang in the balance,” the letter reads.

Israeli activisis asked the President to send a personal message to the Azerbaijani partners and demand that they immediately lift the blockade of the Lachin Corridor.

“This is not a plea to take sides in the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but simply a humanitarian appeal to save lives at risk and ensure basic freedom of movement and sufficient supplies for life,” the signatories stress.

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