Azerbaijan detained a 68-year-old citizen of Artsakh who was being transferred through the Red Cross to Armenia for treatment

When Azerbaijan is allegedly called to respect at least the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross, today a 68-year-old citizen of the Republic of Armenia was detained by Azerbaijan from among the patients transported to the medical facilities of the Republic of Armenia through the Red Cross and transferred from the checkpoint to another place, Artsakh State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan wrote in a Facebook post.

“At the moment, the representative of the Red Cross is with our citizen, but the negotiations have not yielded any results yet, we are waiting for new information.

Other patients have been evacuated to a hospital in Goris by a Red Cross representative who arrived from Goris. The evacuation was carried out via the same route. However, the planned return of those who have completed treatment in Armenia has been cancelled,” wrote Gurgen Nersisyan.

“Armenian people, I am shouting again and again, wake up, stand against all this”,- wrote State Minister.

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