Artsakh has never refused from negotiations with Azerbaijan, State Minister says

Artsakh has never refused from negotiations, contacts and discussions, Artsakh’s Minister of State Gurgen Nersisyan said at Yerevan-Stepanakert space bridge today.

On the contrary, he said, “we are interested in discussions more than anyone else to solve the existing issues.”

“However, the question we raise is the following: we say stop killing civilians and police officers, stop targeting farmers doing agricultural work. It’s necessary to discuss and solve issues,” Nersisyan added.

“The problem is when all this is turned into a unilateral deal, but is still called negotiation. Azerbaijan may make some statement today, it may speak about the Defense Army tomorrow, and then discuss the issue of dissolving state bodies, raise the issue of legislation. Finally, it may declare one day that the people of Artsakh are using too much drinking water, i.e. Azerbaijan can raise any issue and force it to become a subject of discussion,” the State Minister said.

“This is the problem. The Artsakh side has never refused from discussing problems, but before that it’s necessary to stop starving people, stop targeting and killing civilians, preventing agricultural works and then try to find solutions,” Gurgen Nersistan stated.

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