Armenia advocates the systematic development of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation within CIS – PM

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan participated in the regular session of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS in Sochi. First, the Heads of Government posed for a family photo, then the narrow and expanded format sessions took place.

Prime Minister Pashinyan made a speech in the narrow-format session, in which he specifically stated:

“Dear heads of delegations,

Dear Sergey Nikolayevich,

I am glad to welcome my colleagues at the session of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS. First of all, I would like to thank our Russian friends and Mikhail Vladimirovich personally for the traditionally warm welcome and for organizing today’s meeting at a high level.

Our meeting today is taking place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Charter of the Commonwealth of Independent States and in this context, I want to emphasize that the Republic of Armenia, since the establishment of the CIS, has consistently advocated the systematic development of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation within our organization in accordance with the goals and principles laid down in the Charter of the CIS, as well as for increasing the efficiency and practical impact of its functioning.

In general, I positively assess the work done within the framework of the Commonwealth this year from the point of view of consolidating efforts aimed at strengthening cooperation. I am also pleased to note that the list of documents included in the agenda of today’s meeting covers a wide range of areas of life of our countries, the effective implementation of which is ultimately aimed at the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation for the benefit of the welfare and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of the CIS member states.

The Republic of Armenia considers the Agreement “On Free Trade in Services, Establishment, Operation and Implementation of Investments” a great opportunity to give new momentum to the development of investment activities in the CIS member states and expresses its readiness for the practical application of the provisions of this Agreement.

One of the important issues facing us is the creation of favorable conditions for the activation of industrial cooperative ties and interaction between the economic entities of our countries, with the aim of forming innovative industrial clusters and scientific production zones.

The creation of new knowledge-intensive branches and the modernization of high-tech industrial potential is the main factor for achieving sustainable and innovative economic development, as well as a necessary condition for increasing the competitiveness of our economies. In this context, I would like to mention the importance of adopting the concept of development of industrial cooperation and the complex of measures.

The creation of new knowledge-intensive industries and the modernization of high-tech industrial potential is a key factor in achieving sustainable and innovative economic development, as well as a necessary condition for increasing the competitiveness of our economies. In this context, I would like to note the importance of adopting the Concept and the Set of Measures for the Development of Industrial Cooperation.

Against the background of rapid scientific and technological progress, environmental problems are gradually becoming more acute, and the demand for creating effective mechanisms to reduce risks to the environment is increasing. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is essential to ensure sustainable development and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In this context, the Armenian side supports the signing of an agreement on cooperation in the field of data exchange for monitoring the radiation situation, aimed at developing optimal approaches to the mechanisms for using nuclear technologies for non-energy purposes, in particular in the fields of science, medicine and agriculture.

Dear colleagues,

In today’s reality, the fight against fraud in telecommunications networks is also relevant, and we must take joint measures to protect the privacy and security of data, including the use of modern encryption methods, multi-factor authentication and monitoring systems to detect suspicious activity.

Countering fraud on telecommunication networks requires an integrated approach that brings together telecom operators, law enforcement agencies, the state and users. And the signing of the relevant memorandum will create conditions for the effective functioning and development of the market for international telecommunications services and the prevention of the spread of fraud on telecommunication networks.

Attaching importance to the humanitarian component of cooperation within the CIS, I would like to note that the Government of Armenia always supports projects integrating people with disabilities into various areas of social life, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation and young people.

The Armenian side welcomes the implementation of the program of CIS Spartakiad among children with disabilities, the purpose of which is to involve them in an active lifestyle.

I will particularly mention the implementation of the interstate program “CIS Youth Capital” as an effective tool for the development of young people, supporting their creative potential and providing conditions for active participation in public life. Such initiatives contribute to the formation of a new generation of leaders who are able to face the challenges of our time and contribute to the development of our countries. From this point of view, I would like to confirm the readiness for the city of Kapan to receive this honorary status in 2026.

Summarizing, it is obvious that the opportunities of our Commonwealth as a multi-faceted platform for partnership have not yet been fully realized. I am sure that our joint constructive efforts should be aimed at achieving significant progress in tapping the full potential of cooperation.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to confirm the unchanging constructive attitude of the Armenian side to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas of mutual interest in the framework of achieving the priorities of the Kyrgyz chairmanship in the Commonwealth this year.

Thanks for attention”.

Prime Minister Pashinyan, together with CIS partners, also toured the booths of the exhibition entitled “Eurasia. our home”, got acquainted with the production of companies of the CIS countries in various fields.

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