Greece recovers hundreds of stolen artefacts

Greece says it has recovered hundreds of looted artefacts, including a 2nd-Century bronze statue of Alexander the Great, the BBC reports.

The trove was recovered after a legal battle with the company of a British antiquities dealer, officials said.

Robin Symes had amassed thousands of pieces as part of a network of illegal traders.

For years, Greece has been fighting to recover looted artefacts from museums and private collections world-wide.

The announcement that 351 objects from Symes’s collection were being repatriated after a 17-year legal battle was made by Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni on Friday.

Ms Mendoni did not say if the artefacts were linked to the discovery by Italian and Swiss police in 2016 of a haul of archaeological treasures said to have been stored by Symes at the Geneva freeport in Switzerland.

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