Armenian PM confirms there is a document on the negotiating table

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has confirmed there is a document on the negotiation table.

Speaking during the Q&A session in the National Assembly, Pashinyan said that what is being discussed in Washington is exactly what he presented from the podium of the National Assembly last week.

“You won’t find anything new in that document, because I spoke about that document publicly from this podium. In other words, I spoke about the theses, about the details, you can get acquainted with what Azerbaijan presented, and get acquainted with our reaction,” said Pashinyan, answering the question of Gegham Manukyan from the “Armenia” faction.

Asked whether it is posdible to sign a document as a result of the negotiations in Washington, for example, on June 1 in Chisinau, the Prime Minister answered that he would be very happy if it happened.

“If it turns out that there is a document that they are considering to sign, it is not bad news, it is good news,” Pashinyan said.

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