Armenia to establish Fund for creation and management of the Academic City

The government today adopted a decision on creating the Academic City Fund and approving the fund’s charter.

The establishment of an academic city is also planned by the government’s 2021-2026 Action Plan, according to which reforms in the field of higher education will be aimed at providing a physical, virtual and socially attractive environment through the review of the necessary infrastructure. In this regard, the idea of establishing an academic city is of strategic significance.

The Academic City Fund is expected to carry out the following functions: the design and construction of an academic city as a modern environment for quality education and research; the construction, maintenance and improvement of appropriate building infrastructure; promoting research and learning; creation of a safe, multifunctional environment equipped with modern digital technologies, taking into account the modern and developing methodology of the fields, security and universal accessibility standards; the creation of gyms, libraries, individual and team work spaces equipped in an innovative style, as well as a physical environment conducive to creative activity, academic implementation of other actions arising from the concept of the city.

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