Not just competition, but a feast of weightlifting in Armenia – Austria head coach   

The European Championships will bring better recognition to Armenia, head coach of the Austrian weightlifting team Sargis Martirosyan told Public Radio of Armenia.

He is the only coach that also participates in the tournament as an athlete.

“The world has already seen that Armenia is able to host such serious tournaments on a high level. I wish and I do hope that such championships will be organized as frequently as possible, as it is not only a competition, but also a feast of weightlifting in Armenia,” he said.

Asked to comment on Austria’s view on the organization of the event, Martirosyan said: “Not only Austria, but also the world is living with weightlifting today, you can see pictures from Armenia everywhere, everyone is very satisfied with the organization, I’ve never heard any negative opinion not only from Austria, but also elsewhere.”

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