Azerbaijan’s provocations aimed at escalating the situation, Armenian PM says

Azerbaijan continues the provocative actions, and this provocation aims at escalating the situation, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a briefing with journalists in the National Assembly.

“We will calmly move forward with our politically balanced assessments,” he said.

Referring to the concern of the Artsakh’s parliamentary factions that the issue of ensuring the security of the people of Artsakh is being separated from their right to self-determination, Pashinyan said: “I carefully follow the opinions of the National Assembly of Artsakh, I value them, I treat them with respect, but what I said is something else. They usually misunderstand and it is possible that they misunderstood this time too, but in my opinion, by and large, there is nothing to misunderstand because my assessments are very clear.”

“In my latest report at the National Assembly, I clearly stated that under the 2007 Madrid Principles, Armenia recognized Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan, and I said that we have refused to face the reality and created a desired parallel reality, which had nothing to do with the international and geopolitical reality. We have to face this situation.”

He added that the opposition’s proposals are already fully expressed in the negotiation legacy they left behind. “It is my expectation that we address the fundamental problems. The fundamental problem is that the reality was different from what was being said in front of the cameras. Since 2018, I have tried to have the same conversation in the negotiation rooms and with the people, and it is a very painful and difficult process,” said Nikol Pashinyan.

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