Lord David Alton pressing UK leadership on breaking Azerbaijan’s blockade of Artsakh

Lord David Alton has pressed UK Minister of State Foreign Commonwealth & Development Affairs Tariq Ahmad about continued closure of Lachin Corridor, the only land link between  the Republic of Artsakh and Armenia and essential for delivery of food, fuel, medicine and necessities.

“on visiting Nagorno-Karabakh, I was struck that there is one land corridor that links it to Armenia, the Lachin corridor, which has been blockaded since last December. Has the Minister had a chance to read the report of the five United Nations special rapporteurs, which was issued earlier this month, calling for urgent action to be taken for the reopening of that corridor so that food, fuel, medicine and basic necessities can reach the 120,000 people now blockaded inside Nagorno-Karabakh?” Lord Alton asked the Minister.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said “the United Kingdom has repeatedly called for open access, particularly for humanitarian support.”

“Recently, there have been reports of people who have left the area not being able to access it and return home. Through representations and engagement through the OSCE and the United Nations—including at the UNSC—we continue to work with key partners to ensure that that important corridor is opened, particularly for humanitarian support,” he added.

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