Owning Twitter has been quite painful, Elon Musk tells BBC

Elon Musk has said running Twitter has been “quite painful” and “a rollercoaster,” in a last-minute interview with the BBC.

The multi-billionaire entrepreneur also said that he would sell the company if the right person came along.

Mr Musk, who also runs car maker Tesla and rocket firm SpaceX, bought Twitter for $44bn in October.

Asked whether he had any regrets about buying Twitter, the world’s second richest man said the “pain level has been extremely high, this hasn’t been some kind of party.”

Talking about his time at the helm so far, Mr Musk said: “It’s not been boring. It’s been quite a rollercoaster.”

It has been “really quite a stressful situation over the last several months,” he added, but said he still felt that buying the company was the right thing to do.

Things are going “reasonably well,” he said, stating that usage of the site is up and “the site works.”

The workload means that “I sometimes sleep in the office”, he said, adding that he has a spot on a couch in a library “that nobody goes to.”

And he also addressed his sometimes controversial tweets saying: “Have I shot myself in the foot with tweets multiple times? Yes.”

“I think I should not tweet after 3am,” he added.

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