COAF launches fundraiser for the children of Artsakh

The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) has announced a fundraiser in support of the children and families in Artsakh during these turbulent times. Despite the ongoing blockade, COAF says it remains steadfast in its mission to provide crucial interventions, such as early childhood education, speech therapy, psychological care, and social work support.

The organization first launched its programs in Stepanakert in 2022, providing access to preschool education and speech therapy to children ages 3-6, as well as critical psychological and social services to support both children and adults affected by the ongoing crisis in the region. As the situation in Artsakh intensifies, children are most affected, with significant emotional stress such as insomnia, nightmares and difficulty expressing themselves.

COAF’s team of nine dedicated women in Stepanakert is addressing the devastating impact of the recent war on the well-being of children in the region. In response, COAF is providing essential psychological programs aimed at helping children cope with the trauma and challenges. All of the education program instructors are psychologists,  ensuring that children receive the best possible care and support.

As the situation in Artsakh continues to deteriorate, COAF’s Artsakh Spring appeal aims to provide a glimmer of hope for the children and families impacted by the conflict by offering comprehensive support services. This appeal presents a unique opportunity for people worldwide to unite and make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. By donating to COAF, supporters can join a movement that prioritizes the well-being of affected children and families while also contributing to the long-term resilience of these communities. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that these communities are not forgotten and to create a significant impact on their lives.

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