Armenia’s representative elected 2nd Vice-President of GRETA

Armenia’s representative Sergey Ghazinyan has been elected 2nd Vice-President of the Council of Eirope Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA)․

Sergey Ghazinyan is a lecturer at the State University of Yerevan and the American University of ArmeniaHe will hold the post for the coming two years.

Helga Gayer was re-elected President of GRETA.

As a national and international consultant, Mr Ghazinyan has been engaged in various human rights projects mainly in the fields of anti-trafficking, asylum and refugee law, and migrants’ rights.

In his previous capacity as the Adviser to the Human Rights Defender of Armenia (Ombudsman),
Mr Ghazinyan was responsible, inter alia, for monitoring the protection of the rights of victims of

Mr Sergey Ghazinyan has been a member of the Working Group adjunct to the Republic of Armenia
Council on Combating Human Trafficking and Exploitation since 2015.

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