Azerbaijan preparing ground for new provocation, Artsakh’s Ministry of Interior says

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan continues to spread misinformation claiming that the Armenian side is using the Stepanakert-Ghaibalishen-Lisagor road for the purpose of transporting munitions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh says.

Advancing this thesis, the Azerbaijani side is misleading the international community, preparing the ground for new provocation against the civilian population of Artsakh.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasizes once again that the movement of civilians and the transportation of humanitarian goods are carried out along the forest and mountain road bypassing Shushi, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers. Taking into account the geographical location of that road, the traffic is organized by large vehicles, which the Azerbaijani side presents as military vehicles.

“While Azerbaijan falsely accuses the Armenian side of transporting weapons and ammunition, on March 23 and this morning, Azerbaijani forces targeted and opened fire with weapons of various types and calibers at a group of citizens carrying out pruning work in the vineyards of Machkalashen community of Martuni region. There were no casualties. Agricultural work was stopped.

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