Farmers in Artsakh targeted by Azerbaijani forces

Azerbaijan opened fire on civilians carrying out agricultural works this morning. No casualties are reported.

The Martuni regional police department was alerted at 09:30 in the morning that residents of the city of Chartar, H. Harutyunyan, A. Ghahramanyan, M. Jivanyan, G. Ghukasyan, K. Davtyan, A. Adamyan and D. Davtyan, were targeted by fire from Azerbaijani positions while while doing agricultural work in the vineyards in the area called “Klazin Dzor” in the administrative area of Chartar.

The Azerbaijani forces opened irregular fire at the farmers using firearms of different calibers, forcing the agricultural works to stop.

Information on the incident has been passed on to the Russian peacekeeping troops.

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