Dictator Aliyev’s continued violence against Armenians demands condemnation in strongest terms – MEP Peter van Dalen

Dictator Aliyev’s continued violence against both Nagorno-Karbakh and Armenia demands total condemnation in the strongest terms, member of the European Parliament Peter van Dalen (the Netherlands) said at the Parliament on Tuesday.

“I am outraged by Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin Corridor. And don’t forget: Aliyev has had troops within the borders of Armenia for several months. I recently witnessed the devastation of their shelling near the southern city of Goris myself,” the MEP said during the debates on the report on EU relations with Azerbaijan.

He said the report falls short on Commission President Von der Leyen’s reprehensible gas deal with President Aliyev. 

“Those few billion cubic meters of gas would have been available elsewhere. And above all: Aliyev now feels supported by the EU in his aggressive policy. The gas deal is a geopolitical mistake that needs to be dropped,” he stated.

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