Freedom in the World 2023: Armenia, Republic of Artsakh rated as ‘partly free’

Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh have been rated as “partly free” in the Freedom in the World 2023 report published by the Freedom House.

Armenia’s neighbor Georgia is also ranked as “partly free,” while Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran are all labeled as “not free.”

The report notes that Azerbaijani forces continued to attack and occupy Armenian territory along the border, threatening the democratic government in Yerevan and raising the risk of full-scale war.

It also noted that Armenia is the only CSTO member state rated as “partly free.”

The 2023 edition of Freedom in the World is the 50th in this series of annual comparative reports. As such, it provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges to and achievements of democracy over the past five decades. Among the more significant challenges has been a widespread assault on the civil liberties that can be used to hold governments to account—most notably, freedom of expression.

The report records that global freedom declined for the 17th consecutive year.

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