Marukyan: Is this how Aliyev wants to talk to Artsakh Armenians?

“Is this how Aliyev wants to talk to Nagorno Karabakh Armenians?” Edmon Marukyan, Ambassador-at-Large at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a Twitter post.

“Aliyev has repeatedly stated that they are ready to talk with NK Armenians, but with those who’re born there. As a result of Azerbaijani sabotage, the 3 policemen killed today were born and lived in NK, had families and children. Is this how Aliyev wants to talk to NK Armenians?” Marukyan tweeted.

The statement comes after three Police officers were killed as a result of a terrorist act committed by the military and political leadership of Azerbaijan on March 5. Another employee of the Passport and Visa Department of Police was seriously injured.

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