TUMO announces the launch of TUMO Academy

TUMO launched the TUMO Academy in Yerevan today. The purpose of the six-month educational program is to provide people over the age of 21 with the opportunity to pursue a new profession and build a career at TUMO. The project was introduced by TUMO CEO Marie Lou Papazian and the head of TUMO Academy Narine Davtian. 

TUMO Academy provides intensive training in TUMO’s 21st-century learning areas and offers students who successfully complete the program jobs at TUMO’s regional centers. The program does not require area-specific knowledge or experience. Participants will be provided with a monthly stipend. Upon successful completion, they will join the TUMO team as workshop leaders. The project will focus on training workshop leaders for the TUMO centers in Kapan, Koghb, and Dilijan in its first phase, and will later be launched in all the regions of Armenia as TUMO continues to expand.

“We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking project, one that will have a lasting impact for decades to come. Our mission is to expand TUMO’s reach in the regions of Armenia and Artsakh, and provide every young person with an equally exceptional and progressive education. Our vision is to ensure that every teen receives the same quality of education – whether they attend a TUMO center in a city or a TUMO box in a rural community. To achieve this goal, we require a large team of professionals, including coaches, workshop leaders, center managers, and other professionals,” said CEO Marie Lou Papazian during her opening speech. “Participants will gain a competitive, 21st-century profession while contributing to the development of the regions of Armenia,” she added.

TUMO Academy will enable participants nationwide to learn and teach, acquire a new profession, stay in their communities, and work in TUMO’s innovative educational environment. In the first phase following its launch, the program will provide training in eight learning areas: music, animation, photography, filmmaking, game development, 3D modeling, drawing, and writing. In the future, the program will go on to cover all 14 of TUMO’s learning areas and will train workshop leaders who will work in the regions of Armenia, as well as TUMO Yerevan.

“Our team of workshop leaders will be working with the students of the Academy. It consists of top specialists in each of the eight learning areas, which includes our colleagues with years of teaching experience at TUMO as well as experts who have recently joined us.  They have helped develop the program and will pass on the specifics of TUMO’s educational method to the students of the Academy”, said Narine Davtian, the head of the program.

The only prerequisite for joining the program is to be at least 21 years old. Participants who complete the application form by April 1st and pass the application, interview, and task stages will join the program in May 2023. Those who have completed the first stage of the program will go through a paid hands-on training starting September 2023. Graduates of the academy will become employees of the TUMO team starting December 2023.

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