Regulator to block English clubs joining the Super League

Blocking clubs from joining a breakaway European Super League will be among the powers held by English football’s new independent regulator, the BBC reports.

The plan for a regulator, recommended by a fan-led review last year, has been confirmed by the UK government.

Preventing historic clubs going out of business is one of the aims, as well as giving fans greater input and a new owners’ and directors’ test.

The significant move aims to protect English football’s cultural heritage.

The main purposes of the proposed new regulator will be:

  • Stopping English clubs from joining closed-shop competitions, which are judged to harm the domestic game
  • Preventing a repeat of financial failings seen at numerous clubs, notably the collapses of Bury and Macclesfield
  • Introducing a more stringent owners’ and directors’ test to protect clubs and fans
  • Giving fans power to stop owners changing a club’s name, badge and traditional kit colours
  • Ensuring a fair distribution of money filters down the English football pyramid from the Premier League

“The English game remains one of the UK’s greatest cultural exports, with clubs and leagues around the world modelling themselves on its success,” the government said before its white paper on football governance – a policy document which outlines the proposed legislation – is released on Thursday.

“That is why the government is today taking the necessary and targeted steps to ensure that continues for generations.”

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