Air communication between Armenia and Syria to be regulated with a new agreement

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the today approved the ratification of the agreement on air communications between Armenia and Syria.

The document establishes legal regulations for regular air traffic between the two countries.

According to Armen Simonyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration, the legal regulation of relations will allow to carry out regular bilateral flights, which will, in turn, lead to intensification of bilateral economic ties.

“The implementation of regular flights will provide the Syrian-Armenian community with an opportunity to travel to Armenia and will contribute to the mutual visits of interstate, parliamentary and other delegations,” he said.

Air traffic between Armenia and Syria was previously regulated by an agreement adopted in 1995, which envisaged certain restrictions, particularly in terms of the number of companies.

It is now proposed to ratify the new agreement signed on May 14, 2021, which makes the legal regulations more complete.

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