PSG and Messi fail to agree renewed contract after first round of talks – Marca

The first face-to-face negotiations for Lionel Messi’s contract extension with PSG ended in failure, though it’s not going to be the end of talks between the two parties, Marca reports.

Messi’s father and agent Jorge Messi, after many online meetings, met for the first time in person with Luis Campos, the club’s sporting director, and there was no agreement in that first instance.

PSG proposed a one-year renewal to Messi and the player’s priority is still to stay in Paris. It is the only offer he has on the table from competitive football, neither Barcelona nor any other top club.

The conclusion, therefore, is that the renewal is not going to be as easy as the club wanted to present it in that first meeting, and that further meetings will be necessary in the near future.

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