L.A. City Council condemns Azerbaijan’s blockade of Artsakh

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday unanimously passed a resolution that condemns Azerbaijan for its ongoing blockade of Artsakh by shutting traffic through the Lachin Corridor and called on the Biden Administration to halt military aid to Azerbaijan, Asbarez reports.

The resolution was introduced by City Council President Paul Krekorian and fellow city councilmembers Monica Rodriguez, Hugo-Soto Martinez and Curren D. Price.

“We are about to witness the next Armenian genocide occur before our very eyes if the United States government and others around the world do not act to hold Azerbaijan accountable, to demand that aid get through and to ensure the self-determination of these people of Artsakh in their democratic homeland — of which they are the indigenous population,” said Krekorian.

The resolution called for the support of any federal legislation that would result in, diplomatic action to ensure safe passage through the Lachin corridor; U.S. involvement in humanitarian assistance to Artsakh; and holding the regime in Azerbaijan accountable for its actions.

It also called on Azerbaijan to respect the ceasefire and, especially Armenia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The measure also calls on Azerbaijan to withdraw its troops from the Republic of Armenia, which it invaded in September.

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