Hayastan All Armenian Fund provides urgent humanitarian assistance to Syria’s Armenian community

As a result of the devastating earthquake in Syria on February 6 which has worsened the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country,

The Hayastan All Armenian Fund is providing financial support to 15 Armenian educational institutions in Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia, and Kessab after the devastating earthquake.

The assistance amounting to $100,000 is provided by the French affiliate (Fonds Arménien de France) of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund and will be allocated to educational institutions for provision of financial assistance to around 1,100 teachers and technical staff.

The buildings of some Armenian educational institutions and churches in Aleppo were damaged. These included the Karen Jeppe Armenian College, Cilician College and S.O. Khach Orphanage. Therefore, a part of the support will be allocated for renovation of those institutions.

The urgent humanitarian aid will be distributed in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Syria and with the involvement of the church and Armenian community organizations.

The previous program of assistance to the Syrian Armenians was implemented in 2020 when the healthcare, social and economic situation in Syria was further complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. The Fund allocated $70,000 to a number of Armenian educational centers in Syria as well as to Syrian Armenians undergoing inpatient treatment in healthcare facilities.

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