Artsakh MFA calls for adequate international response to Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy

Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry calls on the international community to direct efforts taking prompt measures, including activation of early warning mechanisms, adequate assessment and response to the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan.

The statement comes after Azerbaijan once again cut off the natural gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh through the only existing pipeline.

“During the 57 days of the blockade, Azerbaijan cut off the gas supply to Artsakh as many as 6 times, in particular on 13 December 2022 for three days, on 17 January 2023 for one day, on 18 January for one day, on 21 January for four days, and on 28 January for one day, disrupting normal life in the republic and exerting psychological pressure on the people of Artsakh,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“As a result of Azerbaijan’s actions, 120 thousand residents of the republic, including 30 thousand children, continue to face serious difficulties with access to heating and hot water in conditions of severe transport blockade and cold winter. The situation is further aggravated by the acute shortage of electricity caused by a breakdown on 9 January of the only high-voltage power line coming from Armenia, which cannot be restored due to persistent obstruction by the Azerbaijani side,” the statement reads.

“Such actions of Azerbaijan clearly show that even after the signing of the Trilateral Statement of 9 November 2020, official Baku did not abandon its long-term policy of exterminating the people of Artsakh in their historical homeland. To achieve this goal, the Azerbaijani authorities have resorted to the blockade of Artsakh and disruption of the critical energy infrastructure, thereby creating unbearable living conditions and dooming the civilian population to incredible hardships,” the Ministry stated.

“The inhumane actions of Azerbaijan indicate that the leadership of this country has placed itself above international law and human morality. Ignoring the calls of many countries and international organizations for the immediate lifting of the blockade of Artsakh and the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to ensure the free movement of people and cargo through the Lachin Corridor, official Baku has in fact opposed itself to the civilized world. Such behavior became possible due to the impunity of the Baku regime, which gives it a free hand to further tighten its criminal policy against the indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh,” it added.

“Under these circumstances, to prevent the destruction of the people of Artsakh, we consider it necessary that the international community direct their efforts not only to ending the blockade of Artsakh, but also to taking prompt measures, including activation of early warning mechanisms, adequate assessment and response to the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.

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