Iran blames Israel for Isfahan drone attack, vows revenge

Iran has blamed Israel for a drone attack on a military site in the central city of Isfahan on Saturday, the BBC reports.

Its ambassador to the UN said findings indicated Israel “was responsible for this attempted act of aggression.”

Iran, he said, reserves the right “to respond resolutely to any threats or wrongful actions” by Israel.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied it was behind the attack, which Iran said caused minor damage, though this has not been independently verified.

The two countries are arch-foes and in recent years have been engaged in what has been described as a “shadow war” of unclaimed attacks on each other’s assets, infrastructure and nationals.

In a letter to the UN secretary general, the Iranian ambassador accused Israel of “an attempt… to launch a terrorist attack against a workshop complex” belonging to Iran’s defense ministry. He did not specify what evidence Iran had for this.

He said Iran reserved the right to respond “wherever and whenever deemed necessary.”

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