Belgian MPs condemn blockade of Artsakh, urge Azerbaijan to open the Lachin corridor

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Belgian Parliament has adopted a resolution unanimously condemning Azerbaijan for the blockade of Artsakh and calling on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately open the Lachin Corridor, reports the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD)

Addressing the Committee, the author of the resolution, Michel De Maegd, said “for more than a month and a half, the Lachin corridor, the only link between Nagorno-Karabakh and the rest of the world, has been blocked by the Azeris.”

“This totally illegal blockade deprives 120,000 residents of food, care, essential goods, but also gas and electricity, in the middle of a rigorous winter!,” he added.

He noted that despite a decision by the European Court of Human Rights demanding the lifting of this blockade, nothing is moving.

“I defended, today in commission, a text that I had submitted that asks Belgium to strongly condemn this new aggression of the Baku regime. I also ask that our country and the European Union think concretely about sanctions to be imposed in case of refusal to lift this blockade,” Michel De Maegd said.

Finally, he asked that Belgium consider seriously and quickly sending humanitarian aid to the region, to come to the rescue of the locals who are in grave danger.

“The European Union must, too, coordinate and mobilize itself in this regard. We can’t let people die by slow fire without reacting,” he stated.

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