Saint Sarkis Armenian Church in Texas vying for Building of the Year award

The newly-built Saint Sarkis Armenian Church in Carrollton, Texas, is vying for Building of the Year award,

American-Architects is holding a Building of the Year poll and asking the readers to decide a winner from the Buildings of the Week. The deadline is Sunday, January 29 and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 31.

The new Saint Sarkis Armenian Church in Carrollton, Texas, was consecrated on Saturday, April 23, with its first Sunday service coming one day later, on April 24, the traditional day for commemorating the 1.5 million victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The design by David Hotson Architect melds ancient forms and contemporary technologies to express the church’s Armenian roots and memorialize the victims of the genocide. Stepan Terzyan is the architect of the building.

The new church building is modeled on the ancient Armenian church of Saint Hripsime, which still stands near Armenia’s modern capital of Yerevan. The connection of the new church building to this ancient prototype provides a link to Armenia’s legacy as the world’s first Christian nation, having adopted Christianity in 301 AD, and it reflects the faith and endurance of the Armenian people through seventeen centuries of challenge and upheaval as surrounding empires rose and fell. The church of Saint Hripsime was completed in 618 AD and the cornerstone of Saint Sarkis was laid exactly fourteen centuries later, in 2018.

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