Azerbaijan cuts gas supply to Artsakh, again

The Azerbaijani side has once again cut the supply of gas through the only Armenia-Artsakh pipeline.

The shutdown of natural gas supply at -5 degrees Celsius in Artsakh, proves once again that official Baku is pursuing an open policy of terror against the 120,000 besieged civilian population of Artsakh with the connivance of the international community.

On January 9, the only Goris-Stepanakert 110 KV high-voltage power line was also damaged due to the intervention of the Azerbaijani side, leaving the population of Artsakh without a stable supply of electricity.

In the current weather conditions, the supply of electricity is carried out at thd expence of limited domestic resources of Artsakh, with 6-hour rolling blackouts per day, which tend to expand steadily.

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