Six dead, including police officer and suspect, after shooting in Georgia

Six people are dead, including a police officer, after a shooter opened fire from an apartment balcony in a Georgia city on Friday.

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement that the suspect fired several rounds into the yard of the building in Sagarejo, killing four people and wounding another five.

After police arrived, the suspect opened fire again, killing an officer, according to officials.

“Additional police teams were mobilized to the scene of the incident, and a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was called to the scene,” the statement reads.

“Upon their arrival, the accused allegedly committed suicide by firing a firearm.”

The statement said the suspect was born in 1974. He served in the military and participated in a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. In 2021, he left the armed forces. Law enforcement officers are interrogating his son, who was at home when the shooting began, but managed to leave the apartment.

The ministry said it was investigating the incident and would release more information when it was available.

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