Artsakh to cut working հours and close schools amid energy crisis

From January 19, the Republic of Artsakh will restrict the working hours as the blockade continues. The government institutions will switch to a special working regime, as the republic is facing an energy crisis as a result of the disruption of gas and electricity supply from Armenia.

In order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of vital facilities and meet the minimum energy needs of the population as long as possible, from January 19, only those employees whose work requires them to be at the workplace will visit state institutions. If possible, certain compressions will also be made in order to use electricity as rationally as possible. Other employees will perform their duties remotely.

The schools and vocational institutions will also be closed across the republic.

On January 9, the energy supply from Armenia to Artsakh was cut off from the territory under Azerbaijani control. The Azerbaijani side prevents the repair works. Since January 17, Azerbaijan has also cut off the gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh.

The energy is currently being supplied only at the expense of very limited domestic resources.

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