Armenia will not host drills of CSTO peacekeepers in 2023

Armenia does not consider it expedient to host drills of CSTO peacekeepers, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a press conference today.

“The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia has already informed the CSTO joint staff in writing that we do not consider it appropriate to conduct such military exercises in the Republic of Armenia in this situation. The drills will not take place in Armenia, at least this year,” Pashinyan said.

The CSTO has confirmed it received information from the Ministry of Defense of Armenia about the inexpediency of holding drills on the territory of the republic in 2023.

The CSTO is developing proposals on the possibility of conducting training on the territory of other states – members of the organization, Press Secretary of the CSTO Joint Staff Vladislav Shchegrikovich told TASS.

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