Products will be distributed to stores from state reserves to meet the basic needs of the population in Artsakh under blockade

Artsakh’s Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan chaired the sitting of the Operational Staff today, Issues related to ensuring the livelihood and primary needs of the population in the conditions of the ongoing blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan were discussed.

The Minister of State was briefed on the current situation in the markets of food products, medicines, gasoline and diesel fuel, the existing problems were presented. It was noted that in order to ensure that primary needs of the population are met, some products will be supplied to the stores from the state reserves. The Minister of State highlighted the importance of proportional distribution of products so that the population has the opportunity to purchase them from all stores.

Ruben Vardanyan also emphasized the importance of direct contacts with the population and instructed a group of members of the Operational Staff, together with the deputies of the National Assembly, to hold meetings in the regions and communities to inform the population about the situation, the steps and measures taken by the Artsakh authorities and the Operational Staff.

“It is important for the population to learn first-hand about the situation and the work being done. It will help them better understand the situation and, if necessary, participate in the solution of problems, and not give in to Azerbaijani disinformation,” Ruben Vardanyan emphasized.

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