The best way to honor the memory of devotees is to keep Artsakh Armenian, to live and struggle in Artsakh – Predident

Dear compatriots

We welcome the year 2023 in extraordinary circumstances. In addition to numerous aggressions and provocations carried out by Azerbaijan towards the civilian people of Artsakh throughout the outgoing year, on December 12, Azerbaijan blocked the Lachin corridor, the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia, creating new challenges for us.

On the way to overcoming various difficulties and trials, our people became stronger and more resilient, once again reaffirming their unshakable will and determination to live and create freely and independently on their native soil.

Over the centuries and especially during the last decades our people have repeatedly faced such hardships, but they managed to overcome the challenges through a resolute and consolidated struggle. Therefore, I am confident that we will meet this direst crisis with honor as well.

Dear friends,

On this festive day, I want to thank you for supporting one another and accepting the current challenges with dignity.

Many of our families are parted on this New Year’s Eve. I want to apologize especially to those children who are away from their parents, for the still inefficiency of our efforts to get Artsakh’s road of life opened.

Let’s remember and pay tribute to the memory of the devotees of the Motherland. The best way to honor their memory is to keep Artsakh Armenian, to live and struggle in Artsakh. Be sure that, living in this cozy corner of the Motherland and heroically overcoming the emerging difficulties, each of us is fulfilling an important mission in our own way for the sake of the existence of the Armenian people and its future.

I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to our sisters and brothers in Mother Armenia and the Diaspora, to all those who are with us, standing by our side, rendering support and assistance to Artsakh in these tough days․

Peace, prosperity, determination, faith and hope to all of us!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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