Protesters march to Stepanakert Airport, demand meeting with commander of Russian peacekeeping troops

A group of Artsakh citizens marched from Stepanakert to the airport, demanding a meeting with Andrey Volkov, commander of the Russian peacekeeping troops, Artsakhpress reports.

Tigran Petrosyan, the initiator of the action, said at a briefing with journalists that the march shows their determination to continue the struggle.

Noting that the provisions of the November 9 statement are actually being violated, he said “every state that considers itself democratic should immediately take measures and explain to Aliyev that people cannot be treated this way.”

According to him, if the commander of the Russian peacekeeping troops declines to meet them, the men participating in the action will stay near the airport until the only road connecting the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia and the outside world is opened.

“Although the calls on posters are addressed to the peacekeepers and the leadership of the Russian Federation, let the whole world know that this is a crime against humanity, the beginning of ethnic cleansing, which the world sees and remains silent,” Tigran Petrosyan said.

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