New report on Artsakh blockade to be submitted to international human rights organizations

 The Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and Artsakh have published an ad hoc report with updated data regarding the humanitarian consequences of the Azerbaijani blockade of Lachin Corridor.

The report summarizes the Azerbaijani public narrative and analyzes statements by Azerbaijani officials. The studies show that the Azerbaijani political leadership prepared and directed public opinion for the blockade of the Lachin Corridor starting as early as November, using official information resources and other state-affiliated media.

The Azerbaijani government’s propaganda continues to widely utilize methods of inciting Armenophobia and particularly ethnic hatred for Armenians of Artsakh, attempting to place these methods in context of fake environmental sentiments, the report says.

The updated report includes new data on participants of the fake environmental demonstration and the state of rights in conditions of the humanitarian crisis.

The report will be submitted to organizations and actors with international human rights mandate, as well as international courts.

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