Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry calling Armenian communities by false names: Tatoyan Foundation

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has been continuously presenting the communities of Armenia with invented, false names, thus creating a false impression that those territories of Armenia belong to Azerbaijan,  the Tatoyan Foundation says.

It draws the attention of the international community to this fact and asserts that this is part of the Armenophobia and animosity of the Azerbaijani authorities, and shows their real intentions and aspirations towards the sovereign territory of Armenia.

In particular, studies of the Center for Law and Justice “Tatoyan” Foundation show that Jermuk is called “Istisu”, Sisian – “Qarakilsə”, Vaghatur village – “Vağudi”, “Vardenis” – “Basarkeçer”, Norabak village – “Azizli”, Verin Shorzha village – Yukhari Shorzha, etc. These are all false names.

“Ignoring the historical names of the Armenian settlements of Artsakh, they try to present them in the Azeri version, completely ignoring the rights and interests of the native Armenian people (for example, Martakert is called Ağdəra, Martuni is called Xocavənd, etc.),” the Tatoyan Foundation said.

“This fact is another evidence that Azerbaijan has no peace intentions with Armenia, moreover, even if the peace treaty is signed, this document will not be enforced until the international community takes effective measures to eliminate the policy of inciting war and animosity, Armenophobic policies of the Azerbaijani authorities,” the Foundation said.

This evidence will be documented and sent to international organizations, as well as will be presented during various relevant meetings.

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