The idea of civil society activists in Azerbaijan launching protest without direct guidance from authorities implausible – Hunanyan

When it comes to matters of civil and political liberties, Azerbaijan maintains one of lowest rankings of democracy in world, with a proven track record of oppressing the right to assembly, protests and dozens of political prisoners, Spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vahan Hunanyan said in a Facebook post.

“Suggested idea, therefore, that there could be civil society activists in Azerbaijan, capable of launching an independent action of this size and scope without direct guidance and supervision of state authorities is implausible, to say the least,” the Spokesperson said.

Hunanyan said earlier that the blockade of the Lachin corridor was pre-planned by Azerbaijani authorities.

A group of Azerbaijanis who call them “ecologists” have been blocking the Lachin corridor – the only road linking the Republic of Artsakh to the world – since December 12.

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