Los Angeles Armenian community organizations condemn Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy against Artsakh

Los Angeles Armenian community organizations have condemned the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan and called for support to the people of Artsakh:

“The 120,000 population of Artsakh has been under a complete blockade imposed by Azerbaijan for over a week, with the closure of the Berdzor Corridor (Lachin Corridor). Deprived of food supplies, medicine, and the right to move freely, the Armenians of Artsakh are facing a serious humanitarian disaster,” the organizations said in a statemeent.

“We regretfully note that the efforts of the Russian peacekeepers have not yielded the desired results in curbing Azerbaijan’s provocations and anti-Armenian actions. The international community should not remain indifferent or be content with mere statements of condemnation, which will be ignored by the Aliyev regime in Baku,” they added.

“In light of this situation, Russia, European structures, and the United States of America are obliged to help the peaceful population living and working in Nagorno-Karabakh. Nations that prioritize the protection of human rights should take practical steps to provide emergency humanitarian aid to the people of Artsakh, especially amidst severe Winter weather,” the signatories said.

The Armenian American community of Los Angeles strongly condemns the genocidal policy of depopulation conducted by the government of Azerbaijan, they added.

“We demand that the White House take practical measures, including establishing a humanitarian air bridge and delivering large quantities of food, medicine, hospital supplies and other necessary goods to the functioning airport in Stepanakert, in order to safeguard the physical existence of Artsakh Armenians in their historical homeland,” the Armenian organizations said.

They appealed to the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to join the wave of condemnation, impose sanctions against Azerbaijan, and enforce Section 907 of FREEDOM Support Act, prohibiting all types of military aid to that country.

“These recent events, including the shutting off of gas pipelines in the region, prove once again that Nagorno-Karabakh cannot become a part of Azerbaijan. The international community should confirm this reality by recognizing the right of Artsakh Armenians to self-determination,” the concluded.

The statement has been signed by:

SDHP Western US Executive Committee
ARF Western USA Central Committee
ADLP Western District Committee
Armenian Assembly of America
Armenian Bar Association
Armenian Council of America
Armenian Evangelical Union of North America
Armenian General Benevolent Union, Western District
Armenian Relief Society of Western USA, Regional Executive
Armenian Rights Council
Armenian Youth Federation Western USA, Central Executive
Gaydz Youth Organization
Homenmen Armenian Athletic Association
Organization of Istanbul Armenians

(Endorsement of above announcement by other organizations remains in progress)

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