Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry appealed to the international community to take measures to lift the blockade

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh has appealed to the international community to take all necessary measures to lift the blockade of Artsakh.

Since December 12, Azerbaijan has been blocking the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia and the outside world, thereby putting Artsakh under illegal siege and deliberately creating unbearable living conditions for the 120,000 people of Artsakh.
Due to the blockade, the fundamental rights of the people of Artsakh have been violated. People are deprived of the right to freedom of movement, appropriate healthcare and supply of vital goods.
“This situation created by Azerbaijan is the logical continuation of its long-standing Armenophobic policies,” Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Since the beginning of the blockade, the Artsakh Foreign Ministry has addressed numerous letters-statements to various countries and international organizations, providing reliable information about the ongoing situation and requesting appropriate measures and support to lift the illegal blockade of Artsakh.
“Azerbaijan’s policy is a challenge to the entire civilized world and must be strictly condemned,” the Ministry said.

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